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Affiliation Mafia
Summary A sanitation expert working for organized crime
Goal Kill off the Town and everyone else who would oppose you.
Has Night Ability? Yes
Abilities Sanitize one player each night
Categories Mafia Deception
Investigation Results
Sheriff Mafia
Investigator Destruction of property, Trespassing.


The Janitor is a potentially amazing role for the Mafia, creating confusion amongst the Town and giving affiliates of the Mafia multiple believable lies to utilize. The Janitor has the ability to sanitize a player at night; if the player dies that night then their role (and Last Will) will not be displayed.


  • Works best when paired up with a Consigliere as the Consigliere can detect the roles of the player that the Janitor sanitizes giving the Mafia Roles to claim during a trial that cannot be counter-claimed by any Town players.
  • Without a Consigliere, Mafia members must rely on the sanitized player's Last Will or previous deduction of currently alive roles in order to fully utilize their Janitor.
  • If it can be accurately predicted that they will be killed that night, sanitizing a fellow Mafia member may prove to be a more strategic option, leading the Town to believe that more Mafia are alive than there actually is. This may lead to the Town lynching suspicious players that would otherwise be ignored as from the Town's perspective there is a greater chance of them being a Mafia member.
  • Depending on the settings, Mafia can square up a unique plan when both a Janitor and a Disguiser are in play. If a Disguiser's settings cleans up a victim's corpse, and the Janitor is limited to the number of charges that can be used, it is generally wise to save your last charge for the night the Disguiser's night he "jumps", assuring that the town will not be able to simply discover who was lying -- assuming the Disguiser lied the day previous to his jumping attempt -- and also help prevent Town from figuring out through elimination who was disguised. If the Disguiser does no clean up the victim's corpse, it may be wise to simply wait and not clean up a single person, and square off the Disguiser's target with a timely death. For an example: If someone has been throwing the attention and suspcsion at a Mafia player, but Town has not yet lynched the said Mafia player due to good defenses, it would generally be wise to have the Disguiser kill someone that night, and have the Godfather/Mafioso kill the person accusing the Mafia member, and clean him up. If by luck the Town members did not realize that Disguiser does not clean up his target, they will simply assume that person was originally the Disguiser and was lying the entire time, and thus completely removing any threat of the Mafia member being lynched. This plan can easily back-fire, and is only recommended to be done with extreme care and proper coordination. A Spy can quickly destroy this, and get the Disguiser lynched if they voiced which targets.
  • Advanced strategy: Cleaning a fellow member of the Mafia, when the Janitor has limited cleanings, and there is a Spy in play who can see Mafia's targets, might clear the cleaned person as a member of the Town because Mafia members can't normally target each other. This will not waste a cleaning attempt. Depending on the setup and how seasoned the Spy is, this can work like a charm.


  • Becomes Mafioso when alone - (Default: On)
  • Limited sanitizes 1 - (Default: Off)
  • Limited sanitizes 2 - (Default: On)
  • Limited sanitizes 3 - (Default: Off)

If all the Limited sanitizes options are unchecked, the Janitor will have infinite sanitizes available.


  • When sanitizing a player the following morning the message "We could not determine the player's role" will appear.
  • Removes the Last Will of the sanitized player.
  • The Janitor is not told the role of the sanitized player.
  • The Janitor is told the Last Will of the sanitized player.
  • Janitors are among the few roles that cannot die to an alert Veteran.
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Mafia Actress, Agent, Beguiler, Blackmailer, Consigliere, Consort, Disguiser, Framer, Godfather, Janitor, Kidnapper, Mafioso
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