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Affiliation Neutral
Summary A corrupt court minister who uses his power and connections to manipulate the trials.
Goal Survive and see Town loses the game.
Has Night Ability? Yes
Abilities May call court during the day, stopping all discussion and forcing an anonymous ballot vote where the Judge has additional votes. Also, can speak to the entire town at night, anonymously.
Categories Neutral Evil
Investigation Results
Sheriff Not Suspicious
Investigator Disturbing the Peace, Corruption.


The Judge is a Neutral Evil role with the ability to call court during the day. Court stops all discussion and forces an anonymous ballot vote. During court, the Judge's messages will appear as the "Court" and all other player messages appear as the "Jury". The Judge can also speak anonymously to other players at night, he will appear to be a Crier when speaking.

During court, the Judge gains vote power determined by the save. If there are few people left, it may be even possible that your vote alone can lynch someone. This can have serious advantages in the late game. If you have multiple court calls, It may be wise to use one near the start of the game (Day 3 for example) and save the other for late game.


  • File:Judge Win.png
    This is the game image that appears when a Judge achieves a solo win.
    Pretend to be a Crier, and try to get the town to lynch as often as possible.
  • Wait as long as possible to use your ability, it is much more effective when there are few players left.
  • If there is a Crier in the game, he can do damage when you call court, as he has the same chat during court that you do. This can lead to disaster as the Crier is tricking the town to lynch a target not of your priority.
  • If there is a Marshall in the game, wait until he activates his ability to call court. You will be able to lynch multiple people that day with ease.


  • 2 court calls allowed - (Default: Off)
  • 1 day between court calls - (Default: Off)
  • Court vote counts for 2 - (Default: Off)
  • Court vote counts for 3 - (Default: On)
  • Court vote counts for 4 - (Default: Off)


  • When speaking at night, the Judge appears as a Crier.
  • When court is called, and someone is voted up to the stand, they are executed immediately. There is no way to pardon them.
  • Below is an image of the Solo Judge Win screen:
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