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Affiliation Town
Summary A dirty cop who will ignore the law and order to enact justice.
Goal Lynch every criminal and evildoer
Has Night Ability? Yes
Abilities Kill one target at night.
Categories Town Killing
Investigation Results
Sheriff Not Suspicious
Investigator Murder, Trespassing.


The Vigilante is a "dirty cop" aligned with the Town and is one of four Town roles with the ability to kill someone at night (along with the Bodyguard, Jailor, and Veteran). As a shorthand nickname, players often refer to it as a "vigi" in games.

As such, the Vigilante may play a crucial role in helping to tip the balance in the Town's favor with a strategic night kill of a member of the Mafia / Triad or a Neutral Evil. In contrast, an errant Vigilante kill of an important Town member can turn the tide against the Town so it is crucial to be careful with your targeting and not to become what some players call, the Town Serial Killer.


  • Always be extremely diligent in determining whether to shoot someone or not, as most of the time it may better to not shoot at all. This is especially true early in the game when the odds of hitting a scum are much lower than the odds of hitting a fellow member of the Town. Players are often very unforgiving of a Vigilante who shoots a fellow member of the Town, especially if it occurred on Night 2.
    • Therefore, it is recommended that Vigilantes refrain from shooting unless there is significant evidence to suggest doing so such as multiple Sheriffs revealing Mafia-aligned players during the day. In this unique case, one player can be lynched and the other one killed by a Vigilante at night.
    • Players who remaining silent in the game may be good to question, however killing them is generally not advised as they may simply be a Doctor trying to lay low.
  • As a Vigilante, it is imperative that absolute attention be payed to the way players speak, often players will drop hints that they are lying, or get caught in a lie and it is the Vigilante's duty to notice this when no one else does.
    • For example, Consiglieres will often attempt to play the role of an Investigator and perhaps noticing that they only announce Neutral roles, or after they outed the Serial Killer how they seem to only seem to investigate the target's dying every turn will reveal them to not truly be trying to benefit the Town.
  • When attacking a target at night, if the target is immune to your attack, you will receive a message stating that "Your target is immune at night".
    • Often times (but not always), this means that the target is not friendly to the Town and is either a Godfather / Dragon Head, a Evil role who is immune at night, or a night immune Executioner. This information should generally be told to the town immediately as both of these roles are enormous threats.
      • However, this message also appears on an Executioner (as previously stated and depending on the setup), or Survivor or Citizen who put on bulletproof vests. Therefore, some caution must be exercised when condemning players for their immunity at the risk of pushing a lynch on a member of the Town or other non-scum player.
      • A jailed player can also be immune at night, as Jailor grants night immunity to his captive. This is often used as an excuse by a night immune player, however, so hopefully, other players have been jailed earlier in the game.
  • A Witch can have a catastrophic effect on a Vigilante, effectively turning you into an uncontrollable Town Serial Killer that will shoot as many Town members as you have bullets. Witches are eager to identify Vigilantes for this very reason, as it gives them a night kill ability by controlling you.
    • Therefore, it is very important to reveal you know that a Witch is controlling you both in terms of identifying potential scum and in terms of damage control to ensure that you do not kill any more Town members. For example, if the Town has an Escort, you can be role-blocked to prevent further deaths, or have the Bus Driver switch you with someone else in order prevent the Witch from controlling you.
    • You should also note that some setups do not allow a Witch's target to know if he is being controlled. In those cases you can report to the Town the presence of a Witch based on your having shot someone without targeting them at night.
  • Watch other players' voting pattern; if the Vigilante notices someone voting to lynch frequently and only after other people start to the vote (especially if they do not state any reasoning), they maybe are more likely to be Mafia or Evil neutrals.


  • Number of Shots 1 - (Default: Off)
  • Number of Shots 2 - (Default: On)
  • Number of Shots 3 - (Default: Off)
  • Number of Shots 4 - (Default: Off)

If no options are checked, the Vigilante will have no limit on the amount of shots he can take. This option is generally not recommended for most setups because of how powerful it will make the Vigilante. An exception would be for alternative types of setups such as Lawless where a Vigilante may be asked to serve more as a straight killing role.

Typically, most hosts give the Vigilante either 2 shots (the default option) or 3 shots.


  • A Vigilante uses up a shot whenever he attempts to kill his target, regardless of the target is in fact killed. Even if the target survives the night by means of a Doctor, Bulletproof Vest or Night Immunity, the Vigilante will still have used up a shot.
  • If the message "The Target is immune at night" is displayed the target is either:
  • If the target survives the Vigilante shot and no feedback message was given, then it is likely he or she was healed by a Doctor.
  • For balance purposes / to counter random kills from Vigilantes that are trolling , a Vigilante cannot use its night kill ability on the first night of the game. If the player attempts to target someone this night, then they receive a message that they cannot locate their gun and must wait.
    • An exception to this rule is if the Vigilante is controlled by the Witch. Therefore, if a Vigilante shoots someone on Night 1, this is confirmation that there is a Witch in the game.
Town Bodyguard, Bus Driver, Citizen, Coroner, Crier, Detective, Doctor, Escort, Investigator, Jailor, Lookout, Marshall, Mason, Mason Leader, Mayor, Sheriff, Spy, Stump, Veteran, Vigilante
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Neutral Amnesiac, Arsonist, Auditor, Cultist, Executioner, Jester, Judge, Mass Murderer, Poisoner, Scumbag, Serial Killer, Survivor, Witch, Witch Doctor