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Affiliation Town
Summary A jail guard officer, secretly detaining suspects.
Goal Lynch every criminal and evildoer
Has Night Ability? Yes
Abilities Jail and roleblock one player each night following a day where no lynch occurred. Speak anonymously with the jailed player at night, and optionally execute that player.
Categories Town Killing, Town Power
Investigation Results
Sheriff Not Suspicious
Investigator Kidnapping, Murder.


The Jailor is a Town Killing / Town Power role who has the ability to jail and roleblock a player each night that follows a day where no lynch occurred. During the night that the Jailor has imprisoned his target, the Jailor can speak anonymous with the jailed person and has the option to execute that player.

The Jailor's roleblock and execution abilities make him a very powerful Town role which is not only able to prevent kills from the Mafia / Triad / Neutral Killer (by imprisoning them), but which can kill those roles as well. In addition, the Jailor's execution ability overrides all night immunity which means he can kill a number of scum roles which normally are immune to be killed at night, such as a Godfather / Dragon Head, Serial Killer, Mass Murderer, or Arsonist.

Because the Jailor's night ability is so powerful, it must be used with particular caution, as the Jailor can only jail a target during a night after a day where no lynch occurred. Therefore, based on how the game progresses, there may be limited opportunities to jail other players. In addition, the Jailor is is limited to a certain number of executions per game (based on the host's settings) so accidentally using an execution of a Town member can be a major setback, both for the Jailor himself and for the Town overall, who is now left with one less Town member. Jailors who mistakenly execute members of the Town as opposed to scum are pejoratively referred to by the term "Failor".


  • Upon jailing someone, virtually all Jailors will ask the imprisoned player to disclose his role so that the Jailor can attempt to figure out whether the player's role claim is truthful or not.
    • A Jailor should keep a list in either their last will (careful about outing Doctors to the Mafia or Serial Killer) or on paper. The information can help the Town or may let the Jailor know who to execute.
  • If a Jailor imprisons someone during a particular night and one fewer person dies that night than was expected, then there is a possibility that your target might have been a killing role.
    • The Jailor should take caution when revealing himself and avoid executing recklessly.
  • If your prisoner is a Serial Killer, he will murder you if you decide to release him (if the option "Kills Role-blockers" is turned on). You should ALWAYS leave who you jailed in your last will in case they turn out to be a Serial Killer.
  • Even if the Jailor has used all of their executions, they can still jail players if the Town does not lynch someone during the day. This can become a powerful ability as the player numbers dwindle.
  • The Jailor should remain diligent in keeping their role a secret to those whom they jail. Using the same grammar or spelling may give themselves away. A good way to avoid this is to talk in UPPERCASE LETTERS.
  • Threatening a victim with immediate execution if they fail to answer any questions is a good way to ensure they comply.
  • If you find the sole evil killing role in the game, and you know Town has a majority, try attempting to stalemate the game to victory by holding him in jail for three nights without lynching. If no deaths occur for three days and nights, the game will end, and Town will be victorious!
  • Situational Strategy: When two Jailors jail the same person, the chat is shared. The target can see everything that is discussed and the Jailors will not know the other's identity. Both Jailors will appear under the same name in the chat, as "Jailor".
    • The Jailors should not both execute the target, this is a waste of an execution if Jailors have limited executions.
    • If between the two of the Jailors, they decide to kill their prisoner; they can tell the other person who they are so as to confirm a town role. However your prisoner might put your identities in a last will, and the evil roles will know one or both of the Jailors. You could wait till the very end of the night session to post the actual names or even come up with an arbitrary codeword that would take a while to type in the last will.
  • It is best for the Jailor to not execute randomly. Good times for the Jailor to execute are:
  • If the Jailor thinks he found the Godfather, it can be good tactics to keep him in jail, and let investigating roles to find the rest of the Mafia members. That way, there won't be a new killer (if no other Mafia Killing are in game), and mafia won't be able to kill at night. Smart Godfathers might suicide eventually to let the Mafia have a new killer.


  • Can make 1 execution - (Default: On)
  • Can make 2 executions - (Default: Off)
  • Can make 3 executions - (Default: Off)

If all options are unchecked, the Jailor will have infinite executions available.


  • Jailing ignores role-block immunity. It will even role-block Veterans and Amnesiacs (both are always role-block immune), as well as Godfathers, Escorts, and Consorts (any combination of these 3 roles may or may not have role-block immunity).
  • To jail someone, type -jail then select a target or -jail # during the day.
    • If someone is lynched during the day, your target will not be jailed that night.
  • The person selected to be jailed is role-blocked that night, even if they are immune to role-blocking; the execution ability ignores immune to death at night abilities and cannot be healed.
    • If the jailed person was blackmailed the night before by a Blackmailer, he will not be able to talk with the Jailor.
  • When hosting a game, if the "Start game at" option is set to Day(No-Lynch), it will allow the Jailor to jail someone on Night 1.
  • Jailor does not provide immunity to Arsonist attacks on the captive.
  • Jailors cannot be forced into executing their target if they are manipulated by a Witch, They are immune to manipulation. (Considered a bug)
  • Jailors visit their target only when performing an execution.
    • Jailed targets never visit the Jailor, they are always considered home.
      • This is not true for Mass Murderer, if a Jailor executes his target, and the Mass Murderer visits the Jailor, both the Jailor and its target will be attacked. The Jailor stays home during execution, and its target visits the Jailor (Though an Agent will see the Jailor visiting his captive, but it visits his captive at his own house. (Maybe a bug)
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