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-Mafia- has a few rules, since it's a game based very much on secrets and lying. For example dead people shouldn't be able to talk with the living.

  • Trolling is considered a strategy.
  • Role-Quitting is frowned upon.
  • Griefing is a grey area between Trolling and Game-Throwing.
  • Game-Throwing is not allowed.
  • Cheating is not allowed.
  • Abuse is absolutely forbidden.
  • Hacking is absolutely forbidden.


In depth description about each subject.


Trolling is acting like an idiot for the pursuit of hilarity, or otherwise screwing with people in a manner that does not ruin the game.


  • Yelling random things to confuse people.

Severity: None (Yep, that's right, nothing will happen to regular trolls.)


Role-Quitting means to leave a game for the sole reason of not wanting to play the role you have been given.


  • Leaving the game after seeing you have gotten a role you hate.
"DOCTOR? Fuck this, I'm out."

Severity: Low (Role ragequitters are bad people. But don't bother reporting them.)


Griefing is similar to trolling, but actually results in the game being ruined. This is trolling taken too far.


  • Purposely lagging the game
  • Custom name that's so large none can read what you say.
  • Spam target at hyperspeed to spam chat, making comrades unable to communicate.

Severity: Medium


Game-Throwing means "playing to lose", in other words ruining the game for your team-mates. Game-Throwing can be considered somewhat okay if you are Serial Killer, Arsonist, Mass Murderer or Witch, because you don't have any team-mates, but if someone reports you, punishments can still be made.

For a more in depth view on what is and what isn't game-throwing, read this: Forum Link


  • As Mafia, Town, or Cult: purposely trying to get lynched.
  • As Mafia or Cult: sharing the identity of other players so your team loses.
    • For Example: Mafioso gets lynched, and he leaves in his last will "3 is Godfather, 12 is Blackmailer", if this information is correct.
    • There is a thin line between strategy and Game-throwing. Providing true information and hoping that the town won't trust you can still be punishable, but is a grey area for game-throwing vs. strategy.
  • As Town: lynching, shooting, or executing someone you know is in the Town.
  • Remaining AFK and/or refusing to help your team.

Severity: High


Cheating means the person(s) is using outside-of-game communication such as Skype, "Battle.Net Party Chat" or "Game Lag Chat" to communicate about the current game. Talking and playing with friends isn't against the rules, but telling each other information is.
Skyping is a word used for people using outside-of-game communication to cheat.


  • Two or more friends using an external means of communication such as Skype or a party chat to work together and give themselves an unfair advantage.
  • Using the "Lag Chat" to talk about anything to do with the game is also forbidden, this includes things like "RED IS MAFIA", "stupid mayor should be lynching orange, not green", etc.
  • Live-streaming a game and advertising it in the game itself can also be considered Cheating, rather it is intended to be cheating or not.

Severity: High


Abuse is using special privileges such as "No Name Restrictions" in a way that negatively affects the game. This can also cover abusing Unlockables.


  • Using the same name and preferring the same role multiple times in a row.
  • Having a ridiculously long name which blocks out the graveyard.

Severity: High


Hacking can mean many things, but the most general case of hacking is "Point Hacking".


  • Modifying Bank files to gain points.
For example, a person modifies their bank file so that they have 20,000 points without actually playing for them.
  • Using 3rd-party programs to cheat.

Severity: Very High

Moderator Abuse/Misconduct

Moderator "abuse" or "misconduct" covers abuse of moderator abilities to alter the game for the Moderator's own intents or using moderator abilities for anything than moderation. If a moderator is abusing his/her abilities, please file a report immediately. We will not know about any moderator abuse if no-body reports it.


  • Using the -kill ability to kill players for fun.
  • Using the -shout command to distract the players of the game.
  • Using the moderator private messaging system to cheat or disrupt gameplay for fun.
  • Using the role reveal command to cheat while still alive.

Severity: Maximum

Reporting Rule Violations

If you observe anyone breaking the rules, you can report them on the Mafia forum.

Click here to visit the Mafia Player Reports forum