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Many of the Mafia commands involve targeting a specific player, which you can generally do in a couple of different ways. Many night actions simply allow you to to click a box next to the player. However, there are other actions which require typing a command and either including the player's number or color. For example, to send a private message to player 4, you would type either "-pm 4 [Message]" or "-pm purple [Message].

Below is a list of the 15 player slots in Mafia and their respective colors for your reference. You may find this page helpful, especially if you do not have a lot of time to type your command in before the day or night is over.

Color List
Number Color
1 Red Red
2 Blue Blue
3 Teal Teal
4 Purple Purple
5 Yellow Yellow
6 Orange Orange
7 Green Green
8 Light Pink Light Pink
9 Violet Violet
10 Grey Grey
11 Dark Green Dark Green
12 Brown Brown
13 Light Green Light Green
14 Black Black
15 Pink Pink