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Affiliation Neutral
Summary An obsessed hunter whose life's goal is to get his target justly executed.
Goal Live to see his target lynched during the day.
Has Night Ability? No
Abilities None
Categories Neutral Benign
Investigation Results
Sheriff Not Suspicious
Investigator No Crime.


The Executioner is a highly dynamic neutral role with no active abilities. Instead, the Executioner receives a game-assigned "target" at the beginning of the game and only wins if his target is lynched during the day. Many players find the Executioner to be a very interesting and fun role for this reason, but one that can be challenging depending on how skilled his target is at defending himself against accusations of being scum.

Depending on game settings, if an Executioner's target is killed at night, he may turn into a Jester (Option: Becomes Jester Upon Failure = ON).

Optional gameplay as an Executioner is highly dependent upon the host's settings for the role given the various options available (becoming Jester upon failure, target always being Town, must survive until end, and invulnerable at night. The current meta for the role is somewhat varied so you should always review your role card carefully in order to play the Executioner well.
File:Executioner Win.png
This is the game image that appears when an Executioner achieves a solo win.


  • The best time for an Executioner to push up his target to trial or lynch relies on two factors.
    • The earlier the accusation, the more the Town will be skeptical about you identifying a member of the Mafia / Triad or a Neutral Evil role so soon in the game. For example, accusing your target after Night 1 will often be met by a counterclaim that you are an Executioner, because statistically, it is somewhat unlikely that one person will find an evil role night one.
    • Alternatively, the longer in the game that the Executioner waits before attempting to lynch his target, the more likely it is that your target will be confirmed as a Town member.
  • A popular and often very effective Executioner strategy is for the Executioner to pretend to be an investigative role and claim to have evidence that makes his target an evil player.
    • However, most players expect Executioners to do this, so a little creativity is advised. Fake last wills that you can copy-paste for the Town to see will help boost your credibility.
    • It is also advisable to begin compiling your last will early in the game so you do not accidentally, for example, claim to have investigated a player after that player died. Doing so would immediately destroy any credibility that you have and make it nearly impossible for you to achieve your win condition (unless you subsequently became a Jester and were lynched for clear misinformation).
    • Alternatively if you see that the Town is lynch happy, sometimes little effort can be required to lynch your target. This is often the case in public games where players can be "lynch happy" and eager to jump on any lead that is offered by, whether legitimate or not.
  • Claiming unconventional roles can be a good strategy to may you more believable.
    • If you notice that there is a night that a confirmed evil role does not kill on (e.g. a Dragon Head), you can claim to be either (1) an Escort and say that you roleblocked your target last night; or (2) a Jailor who jailed your target last night. In either case, the Town might reach the conclusion that he must be evil and that the Town should lynch him. A risk of this approach, however, is that the actual Jailor or Escort may counterclaim you and take credit for that action, which will damage your credibility with the Town.
    • Another approach could be claiming Vigilante and saying that you attempted to shoot your target at night, but that you received a message that the target was night immune. Given the Godfather / Dragon Head and Neutral Killing roles typically have night immunity, this can often lead to a lynch of your target.
  • The Executioner can attempt to double bluff the Town. Asking Town Killing roles to kill your target at night will help convince people you aren't an Executioner, since an Executioner wants to lynch his target. If your target does not die at night, people are more likely to lynch him the next day, since you pretended not to care if he died at night.
    • Alternatively, if your target does die at night, the Town is more likely to lynch you. At this point you will be a Jester, and being lynched will be your new goal.
  • Above all, creativity is key. An Executioner has only his wits as a means to victory. The best Executioners are highly adaptable in being able to use known information and roles for their specific game while spreading lies and deceit in order to convince the Town to lynch their targets.


  • Becomes Jester upon failure - (Default: ON)
    • In the current meta, most hosts enable this option because it provides a "second life" for the Executioner. Otherwise, if the Executioner's target just happens to be night killed during Night 1, it is an immediate loss for the Executioner, which is perhaps not particularly fair or balanced.
  • Target is always town - (Default: ON)
    • In the current meta, a majority of hosts enable this optionl, which makes the Executioner somewhat of an impediment to the Town -- i.e. his goal is always to lynch a Town member. However, a non-trivial minority of hosts disable this option, which makes the Executioner far more of a wild card -- his target may be Mafia / Triad or Neutral Killing / Evil, in which case, his advocating for a lynch may be beneficial for the Town.
    • As an Executioner, the easier path to victory is probably with this option enabled because if your target is a member of the Mafia or Triad, you will almost certainly encounter pressure when you try to get that person lynched.
  • Must survive to the end - (Default: OFF)
    • The current meta is very much split with respect to this option and the next (night invulnerability). Hosts that believe the Executioner is a difficult role to win as or whom favor Neutrals often disable this option, because it effectively makes the Executioner have two win conditions (a successful lynch of his target AND survival until the end).
    • To the extent you choose to enable this option, it is HIGHLY recommended that you enable night invulnerability as well. Otherwise, the Executioner will have a very (almost unfairly) difficult time winning the game because of the risk of sudden night kill against him -- recall that an Executioner does not receive any bulletproof vests or have any other way to protect himself at night. Some players have pejoratively described this combination of options as a more difficult Survivor win or a Survivor without vests.
    • To the extent you are playing Executioner and must survive until the end without night invulnerability, it may be prudent to "fail" your initial goal on purpose so that you can be converted to a Jester, which has an easier win condition (given that survival is no longer a requirement). Otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to win and you are very likely to get night killed at some point in the game.
  • Invulnerable at Night - (Default: OFF)
    • Likewise, the current meta is very much split on this option as well. An Executioner without night immunity is very much vulnerable to being night killed and has no means of protecting himself at night. Therefore, most hosts who disable this option, allow the Executioner to win immediately upon his target being lynched during the day.
    • To the extent this option is off, you may need to find ways to signal subtlety to the scum roles in your game that you are not a good target to attack at night, but simultaneously not make yourself a target of a Town lynch by acting too scummy during the day. This can be a very tough balance to maintain.
    • The most favorable settings for the Executioner would be night invulnerability on and not needing to survive until the end -- these settings are defensible in terms of creating a "strong" Executioner, which has the ability to impact the game. Otherwise, most hosts go with either "night immunity but must survive until end" or "no night immunity, but no need to survive until the end".


  • As with any other role, the Executioner is not rewarded any points until the game is over. Therefore, if you are playing to receive points you should make sure to stay in the game and not AFK, even if you have already satisfied your win condition.
    • If the option "Must survive to the end" is enabled, the Executioner will receive even more points for winning in recognition of the difficultly of achieving such a win.
  • The Executioner has no active night ability. However, as mentioned above, many Executioners pretend to be a Town Investigative role and manufacture a false last will in order to convince the Town that they have in fact identified a scum.
  • If the Executioner's target dies and the "Becomes Jester upon failure" is not enabled, the Executioner will suicide. In the current meta, this is a very infrequent event because most hosts enable this option.
  • If the Executioner's target appears to die, but he doesn't turn into a Jester or commit suicide, then the target was a Disguiser or Informant. The Executioner now has no idea who his target might be. This is a somewhat rare occurrence as well.
  • Assuming he had his target lynched and he does not have to survive to the end of the game, the Executioner is free to act as he desires for the remainder of the game. This often leads to the Executioner being a highly sought after "free agent" in terms of whether he will decide to help the Town, help the Mafia / Triad, or simply freelance and play the game as he finds most interesting from that point on.
  • An Executioner's target will never be a Crier, Mayor or Marshall given each of those roles has an ability to self-confirm, which would make the Executioner's goal extremely difficult, if not outright impossible.
Town Bodyguard, Bus Driver, Citizen, Coroner, Crier, Detective, Doctor, Escort, Investigator, Jailor, Lookout, Marshall, Mason, Mason Leader, Mayor, Sheriff, Spy, Stump, Veteran, Vigilante
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