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Affiliation Town
Summary A private sleuth, discreetly aiding the townsfolk.
Goal Lynch every criminal and evildoer
Has Night Ability? Yes
Abilities Check one player each night for that player's criminal record.
Categories Town Investigative
Investigation Results
Sheriff Not Suspicious
Investigator Trespassing.


The Investigator is one of the Town's more powerful roles and necessary to the long-term survival of the Town. The role can investigate a player at night, revealing a crime that they comitted.


  • As an Investigator a player acts as one of the main advisers to the town with regards to lynching players. The Investigator must provide reports to the Town on whether or not players are suspicious.
  • When dealing with a player that shares his crime with many other roles, look first if you can exclude the town roles that have the crime too.
  • Remember that only crimes which have been commited are listed! (e.g. Arsonist only shows "Trespassing" and not "Arson", "Destruction of Property" and "Murder" until he ignites his doused targets)
  • Another easy way to catch evildoers by asking them to claim their role - if their role does not match the crimes you found, you know they have something to hide! (e.g. You find the crime of "Disturbing the Peace" which could be Crier or Judge. Now if the player claims to be a Sheriff, you know they are Judge, as the crier would have no reason to lie!)
  • Great diligence is required of an Investigator if the Mafia has a Consort or if a Witch is in play, as revealing their clues too early may result in being role-blocked or fed useless information for the rest of the game. This is especially dangerous if the settings make it so the Investigator don't know they are being controlled by the Witch.
  • Always leave a last will as an Investigator with important clues that have not yet been revealed to the Town. This information is invaluable. Leave a last will by typing -last will or -lw into the chat and fill information into the prompt-box.
    • Having an easily readable and understandable format can be very important. For example:
      • N1: #2 (Kidnapping), N2: #14 (Trespassing and Murder), N3: #11 (Trespassing),


  • Detects exact role - (Default = Off)


  • Investigating someone who is converted or recruited the same night, will still only give the clues for the role from before the action.
  • The target need to have commit a crime before you are able to detect it, wich means if someone doesnt commit a night action he will appear to you to have no crime.

Investigation Results

When an Investigator selects a target at night one of the following crimes will be revealed (This is also valid for the Triad equivalent):

Crime Possible Roles
Trespassing Investigator, Spy, Vigilante, Mason Leader, Detective, Lookout, Mafioso, Godfather, Consigliere, Framer, Janitor, Agent, Beguiler, Serial Killer, Arsonist, Mass Murderer
Kidnapping Jailor, Kidnapper
No crime Citizen, Sheriff, Doctor, Mason, Coroner, Stump, Blackmailer, Survivor, Jester, Witch, Amnesiac, Executioner
Corruption Mayor, Marshall, Auditor, Judge
Identity theft Disguiser
Soliciting Escort, Mason Leader, Consort, Cultist
Murder Bus Driver, Bodyguard, Vigilante, Jailor, Mason Leader, Veteran, Mafioso, Godfather, Disguiser, Kidnapper, Beguiler, Serial Killer, Arsonist, Mass Murderer
Disturbing the peace Crier, Judge, (Escort), (Consort)
Conspiracy Mason Leader, Cultist, Witch Doctor
Destruction of property Veteran, Janitor, Arsonist, Mass Murderer
Arson Arsonist
Role Possible Crimes
Investigator Trespassing
Escort Soliciting, (Disturbing the peace)
Vigilante Trespassing, Murder
Spy Trespassing
Bus Driver Murder
Bodyguard Murder
Mayor Corruption
Jailor Murder, Kidnapping
Mason Leader Trespassing, Murder, Conspiracy, Soliciting
Detective Trespassing
Lookout Trespassing
Veteran Murder, Destruction of property
Marshall Corruption
Crier Disturbing the peace
Mafioso Trespassing, Murder
Godfather Trespassing, Murder
Consort Soliciting, (Disturbing the peace)
Consigliere Trespassing
Framer Trespassing
Janitor Trespassing, Destruction of property
Disguiser Murder, Identity theft
Kidnapper Murder, Kidnapping
Agent Trespassing
Beguiler Trespassing, Murder
Serial Killer Trespassing, Murder
Arsonist Trespassing, Murder, Destruction of property, Arson
Cultist Soliciting, Conspiracy
Mass Murderer Trespassing, Murder, Destruction of property
Witch Doctor Conspiracy
Auditor Corruption
Judge Corruption, Disturbing the peace
Town Bodyguard, Bus Driver, Citizen, Coroner, Crier, Detective, Doctor, Escort, Investigator, Jailor, Lookout, Marshall, Mason, Mason Leader, Mayor, Sheriff, Spy, Stump, Veteran, Vigilante
Mafia Actress, Agent, Beguiler, Blackmailer, Consigliere, Consort, Disguiser, Framer, Godfather, Janitor, Kidnapper, Mafioso
Triad Administrator, Deceiver, Diva, Dragon Head, Enforcer, Forger, Incense Master, Informant, Interrogator, Liaison, Silencer, Vanguard
Neutral Amnesiac, Arsonist, Auditor, Cultist, Executioner, Jester, Judge, Mass Murderer, Poisoner, Scumbag, Serial Killer, Survivor, Witch, Witch Doctor