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Last Will is a term used to refer to the Last Will mechanic. By using the -lw command, players are able to leave messages that upon their death will be revealed to the entire town. Last Wills heavily favor the Town in most settings. Note that you should not type your last will in conjunction with the "-lw" command. Just type "-lw", and a prompt will pop up with room to type your last will.

Applicable Situations

Last Wills are applicable to almost all roles, except for Neutral roles that include survival as a victory condition (unless the Neutral player is feeling especially generous to a particular side). Investigative roles (Sheriff, Investigator, Jailor, and so on) benefit immensely from Last Wills.

  • Sheriff - Revealing all his findings
  • A Sheriff has quietly kept a list of which players came up as clean to avoid letting the Mafia kill all known Town members. However, this information is useless if it dies with the Sheriff, so they store it all in the Last Will which may well win the game for the Town.
  • In a similar situation, an Investigator discovers someone possessing knives. His target could be the Serial Killer or a Doctor. Lynching the Serial Killer would be great, but revealing a Doctor is disasterous. In this case, it is generally recommended to even avoid putting the person in question in the Last Will except to clear them from being Mafia until very late game.
  • Mason - Revealing other Masons
  • Since Masons never spawn alone, revealing the other Masons in a Last Will not only provides the Town with more clear roles, but also greatly limits the False Claiming ability of the Mafia. It is best to not do this early game, since it gives the Mafia or Cult much more information.
  • As a Escort you can write down in your Last Will who you have blocked and when, if you combine that with when there was no kills, you may reveal that you blocked a killing role. Most of the time you don't want to reveal too early, and this information most of the time isn't important till late game, so making a Last Will can be the only way to get the information out.
  • A Mafia player may try to implicate innocent players in their Last Will to get those players lynched. Knowing the Town may realize this, the Mafia may also put the actual Mafia players in their Last Will to make them appear clean forcing a WIFOM situation.
  • If the option "Cleans the target's role" is NOT enabled. The Disguiser's own Last Will be left with his older name's dead body. Making for some interesting ways of getting Town to lynch people, for example disguising as a Sheriff and leaving a fake Last Will saying someone is evil.


  • Allows a large amount of important information to be communicated at the last possible moment.
  • Can easily win many games if used correctly.


  • May reveal important (and vulnerable) Town roles, quickly getting them killed.
  • May throw suspicion on innocent players.
  • This strategy can be nullified by a Janitor.


  • It is recommented not to use the < symbol in a Last Will, because copy-pasting the Last Will to the chat will make it not appear. This is because the < symbol is used for color coding.
    • See the Color Name page for more information on how to use color code.
  • Having an easily readable and understandable format can be very important. Examples:
N1: #2 (Doc/Witch), N2: #14 (Jailor/Kidnapper), N3: #11 (GF/Citi/Surv/Amne),
N1: #2 (sharp tools), N2: #14 (chains), N3: #11 (unsuspicious),
N1: #7 (NS), N2: #5 (Mafia), N3: #9 (SK),
N1: #15 (#1), N2: #15 (#2), N3: #7 (#10),
N1: #15 visited #1, N2: #15 visited #2, N3: #7 visited #10
N1: #1 (#14, #5, #8), N2: #2 (#14), N3: #5 (#10, #5),
N1: #1 visited by #14 & #5 & #8, N2: #2 visited by #14, N3: #5 visited #10 & #5,
N1: #7 (claims doc), N2: lynch, N3: #4 (no role),
N1: #6, N2: #4, N3, #6
N1: no one, N2: #7 and #1, N3: #15 and #14,
N1: #14, N2: #14, N3: #12,
N1: #14 (no Maf kill), N2: #14, N3: #12 (no SK kill),
N1: none, N2: #2=Sheriff (#14), N3: #5=Witch (#10, #5),
N1: none, N2: #2 (Sheriff) visited #14, N3: #5 (Witch) visited #10 & #5,