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Affiliation Triad
Summary 000 - "Blue Lantern" - A low-life criminal killer affiliated with the Triad conglomerate.
Goal Kill off the Town and everyone else who would oppose you.
Has Night Ability? Yes
Abilities Kill
Categories Triad Killing
Investigation Results
Sheriff Triad
Investigator Murder, Trespassing.


The Enforcer is essentially a henchman of the Triad and the most basic Triad-aligned role. The role has the ability to suggest to kill people at night; the player that receives the highest number of suggestions will be killed by a random Enforcer that night.


  • Whilst the Dragon Head always has the final say on who the Triad will kill, Enforcer can still use the kill suggestion system even with a Dragon Head in the game. This allows the Triad to communicate silently, avoiding revealing information to a Spy (unless the Spy is able to see Triad targets).
  • Pretend to be a Town member during the day.
  • Make sure to suggest to kill if the Dragon Head seems AFK. He could be jailed, and if the Triad appears to continue killing, he will be cleared from suspicion by the Jailor as a killing role.


  • Excluded from randoms - (Default: On)


  • The Dragon Head overrules the suggestion system, forcing a random Enforcer to kill whomever the Dragon Head decides.
  • With multiple Enforcer an Escort can not consistently stop Triad kills.
  • If the Enforcer's target is healed by a Doctor, there is no feedback.
Town Bodyguard, Bus Driver, Citizen, Coroner, Crier, Detective, Doctor, Escort, Investigator, Jailor, Lookout, Marshall, Mason, Mason Leader, Mayor, Sheriff, Spy, Stump, Veteran, Vigilante
Mafia Actress, Agent, Beguiler, Blackmailer, Consigliere, Consort, Disguiser, Framer, Godfather, Janitor, Kidnapper, Mafioso
Triad Administrator, Deceiver, Diva, Dragon Head, Enforcer, Forger, Incense Master, Informant, Interrogator, Liaison, Silencer, Vanguard
Neutral Amnesiac, Arsonist, Auditor, Cultist, Executioner, Jester, Judge, Mass Murderer, Poisoner, Scumbag, Serial Killer, Survivor, Witch, Witch Doctor