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How to play

Mafia is a game of survival and deception originating from the classic party game by the same name. Mafia involves three main components: Day Cycle, Lynch Cycle and Night Cycle. The objective of the game is for players aligned with the Town to lynch all of the Mafia members during the day and for all of the Mafia members to kill the town at night and to deceive the Town during the day.

The game is essentially very dialogue central which acts as the driving force of the game. Unlike other Starcraft II maps, Mafia does not give players an actual unit to control, instead players battle with their wits.

How to join a game

Joining a game of Mafia is incredibly easy. Simply log into and click "Arcade", navigate to the Popular section and either look for -Mafia- in the list or search for -Mafia- in the search bar. Join the game and it will automatically start when the game is full. Make sure you add Mafia to your bookmarks so you can find it again more easily later.

Additionally you can also host a game by clicking "Create Private Game" on the map's page, but you'll have to manually invite people to your game.

Game Startup

When the game starts up the player that hosted the game will be able to select the game variant and all of the available roles and options. Once the host has finished setting up the game, the game will then start and you will be taken to the player selection screen. Type -Name to select your player name (failing to do this will result in being assigned a random name) and if you have enough points, select your model and/or appendage. Once this stage is completed you will be assigned your role and the game will begin.

Game Startup Commands

  • -repick - Votes to repick the current host (useful if the host is not present or doesn't understand how to host) or if you are the host, will repick yourself. If a host is repicked the player with the largest amount of points will be chosen to replace them as the host.
  • -repick color - If you are host but wanna give the privilege to someone else.
  • -save - Saves the current game's setup to your setup save slot.
  • -Name - When prompted will allow you to enter a name for yourself

See also: Commands.

The Day Cycle

During the day cycle all players may collaborate on their musings and findings and ultimately must decide on who to lynch. After the assigned discussion period has expired players will be prompted to vote on who they wish to lynch and may do so by clicking on the players corresponding vote button next to their name on the bottom-right-hand corner of the screen. Depending on the mode, either the player with the highest number of votes or the player with who receives at least 51% of the votes will be put to trial (or immediately lynched, depending on the setup).

Day Cycle Commands

  • -PM player message - Sends a personal message to the player, all players will be notified that you have sent this message, but only the specified player will know what they said. (And possibly spies depending on the setup.)
  • -last will - Brings up the Last Will prompt box, this will be displayed if you die.
  • -death note message - Writes your death note, which will display after you kill a person. Only non-Town killing roles may use this.
  • -skip - This command can be used to skip the day. Over 50% of the living players have to use this command for the day to get skipped.

See also: Commands.

The Lynch Cycle

The lynch cycle is triggered when a player receives enough votes during the day cycle. Depending on the mode the player will either immediately be publicly executed or will be put on trial. When on trial players have a chance to defend themselves (without interruption from other players); everyone else will then decide whether or not the player is innocent or guilty. If the player is found guilty they will then be publicly executed.

There are a variety of ways players may be executed including: Firing Squad, Electrocution, Sniper Rifle, Gas Chamber and Lynching.

The Night Cycle

The night cycle is a time for players to use their role's night abilities. Additionally members of the Mafia, Masons and Cultists may communicate at night with other members of their respective factions. The Mafia also chooses who they wish to kill at night.

Night Cycle Commands

  • -last will (short: -lw) - Brings up the Last Will prompt box, this will be displayed if you die.
  • -death note message (short: -dn [MESSAGE]) - Writes your death note, which will display after you kill a person. Only non-Town killing roles may use this.
  • -target player - As non-killing Mafia you can use this command to suggest who you should kill; use this in case a killing Mafia member is AFK.
  • -notarget - Used by Godfather or Dragon Head, causes no target to be selected
  • -suicide - Causes you to kill yourself at night, may only be used after the third night of gameplay and recommended to be only used in desperate situations. Using -suicide again before the end of the night will toggle suicide off again.

See also: Commands.

Points and Rewards

After a victor has been decided, either by all of the Town being killed and/or all of the Mafia being killed, players will be rewarded points. All players receive points regardless of whether they won or not, although winning players will earn significantly more points. Accumulating a lot of points will unlock rewards for the player, allowing them to customize their in-game avatar with new models and appendages, as well as additional perks such as blacklisting/preferring roles and naming limits removed.