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Affiliation Town
Summary A scantily-clad escort, working in secret.
Goal Lynch every criminal and evildoer
Has Night Ability? Yes
Abilities Block someone's role at night, canceling their night abilities.
Categories Town Protective
Investigation Results
Sheriff Not Suspicious
Investigator Soliciting, Disturbing the peace (The second one only when he blocked a town member).


When used strategically, the Escort has the ability to one of the more powerful Town roles, with the potential to disrupt the Mafia, deduce killing roles or simply prevent a Mafia or Neutral role from ever achieving anything at night. The role has the ability to role-block a target at night, preventing them from using their night ability.

Please note, however, that depending on host settings, certain roles have the ability to ignore an Escort's role-block ability (often times the Godfather or Dragon Head). In these cases, the Escort is more effective at role-blocking the supporting Mafia or Triad, as it will be ineffective vs. the Mafia / Triad killing role.

Also, the Escort is capable of blocking Town roles as well so its target must be selected carefully or it can be end up being an impediment to Town roles with important night actions, such as Sheriffs, Investigators, Doctors, or Bodyguards.


  • An Escort should attempt to role-block the most suspicious players. But be wary of blocking Doctors, Investigators, or Sheriffs, as this will inhibit the Town's efforts and may lead the Town to believe that there is a Consort instead of an Escort.
  • Also, an Escort should be very careful not to role-block a Serial Killers (when the host has enabled the Serial Killer's "Kills roleblockers" option). In this case, instead of role-blocking the Serial Killer, the Escort will become its new target and die.
    • If Serial Killers have the ability to kill role-blockers at night then writing the name of the target in a last will may help to point out who the Serial Killer is. Use the last will by typing -last will or -lw into the chat and fill information into the prompt-box.
    • Having an easily readable and understandable format can be very important. For example:
      • N1: #14, N2: #14, N3: #12,
      • N1: #14 (no Maf kill), N2: #14, N3: #12 (no SK kill),
  • If a player is role-blocked one night and less players than expected die that night, this is potentially a very big clue to the Town that the Escort has role-blocked a killing role.
    • In this case, it may be helpful to check whether any if any other player was healed by a Doctor that night, because there may be other circumstances which caused less night kills.
    • Many Escorts also decide to blocking their target for a second consecutive night in case there was some other reason a night kill did not take place (for example, an AFK Mafia / Triad, or a jailed Godfather / Dragon Head). When Escorts announce this information to the Town, they Escort can act as a Pseudo-Investigator.
    • WIFOM: In terms of strategy, a Escort may not necessarily want to announce that they will block the same person again at night. If the Escort was wrong originally, the Mafia may choose to not attack anyone and this may lead to confusion among the Town which results in a mislynch.
  • In the current Starcraft 2 meta, many hosts choose to enable an option which allows the Godfather or Dragon Head to ignore role-blocks (OPTION: "cannot be role-blocked": ON). This weakens the Escort's effectiveness versus the Mafia or Triad, at least in terms of preventing Mafia or Triad kills; however, it may also allow the Escort to identify the Godfather or Dragon Head to the Town.
    • In this case, the Escort may wish to consider roleblocking the other members of the Mafia or Triad in future nights.
    • However, to the extent that the Escort receives a message that a player could not be role-blocked, this is an excellent indication that its target is the Godfather or Dragon Head. This allows the Escort to act as Pseudo-Investigator once again and identify the Godfather or Dragon Head to the Town with pretty good accuracy.


  • Cannot be Role-blocked - (Default = Off)
  • Detects block-immune target - (Default = Off)


  • Does not block roles immune to role-blocking at night. A message saying the target was immune to role-blocks will be shown.
  • Blocking a Kidnapper or Interrogator will prevent them from executing their target. In contrast, Jailor executions are now unblockable.
  • A roleblocked player will be considered to not have visited his target (and therefore, having stayed at home), even if that person made any night action. (for Detective, Lookout, Agent, Mass Murderer purposes)
  • An Escort will be killed by a Serial Killer if attempting to block them (when the Serial Killer's killing role-blockers at night is enabled), however it will still prevent a Serial Killer from killing his initial target.
  • The Escort was formerly known as the Prostitute, but a name change was made in order to keep the game in compliance with Blizzard requirements.
Town Bodyguard, Bus Driver, Citizen, Coroner, Crier, Detective, Doctor, Escort, Investigator, Jailor, Lookout, Marshall, Mason, Mason Leader, Mayor, Sheriff, Spy, Stump, Veteran, Vigilante
Mafia Actress, Agent, Beguiler, Blackmailer, Consigliere, Consort, Disguiser, Framer, Godfather, Janitor, Kidnapper, Mafioso
Triad Administrator, Deceiver, Diva, Dragon Head, Enforcer, Forger, Incense Master, Informant, Interrogator, Liaison, Silencer, Vanguard
Neutral Amnesiac, Arsonist, Auditor, Cultist, Executioner, Jester, Judge, Mass Murderer, Poisoner, Scumbag, Serial Killer, Survivor, Witch, Witch Doctor