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Affiliation Town
Summary A discrete medical professional skilled in autopsies.
Goal Lynch every criminal and evildoer
Has Night Ability? Yes
Abilities Discover the exact role of a dead player each night.
Categories Town Investigative
Investigation Results
Sheriff Not Suspicious
Investigator No Crime.


The Coroner is a rather limited role in the fact that its uses stretch from critical in setups with Janitors or Clue Variant to rather underwhelming in other setups. The role has the ability to view the roles of dead players and see their last target depending on the settings.


  • The most prominent purpose of the Coroner outside of Clue Variant is the ability to determine the roles of sanitized players. By determining the roles of players cleaned up by a Janitor or Disguiser, the Town can make more definite decisions on who's lying and who's not.
  • You can use your ability on a Witch to determine who was manipulated and when. This is especially helpful if victims did not know they were manipulated since the Coroner can determine when exactly an investigative role (i.e. Sheriff) was manipulated. Unfortunately, you cannot see who the Witch forces his target to target.
  • Perform autopsy on a Cultist to determine who was converted. This is especially helpful if Cultists aren't a confirmed role since it will definitely help you root out the entire Cult one-by-one and have them lynched or have the Mafia, Serial Killer, or Mass Murderer kill them off quickly before they regenerate. However, this isn't always the case. It depends on which Cultist dies. If the Cultist that dies is the one who's been converting, then you have a good shot at figuring out other Cultist. However, if the Cultist was completely stationary prior to death, then the Town will be worse off.
    • You can see their current role as well as their original role. An example would be that when you check a Survivor turned Cultist, you will also be notified that they were once a Survivor.
  • It is highly recommended for the Coroner to leave a last will, especially when there is a Janitor, Disguiser, or Cultist in play. Be sure to record their original role.
    • Having an easily readable and understandable format can be very important. For example:
      • N1: none, N2: #2=Sheriff (#14), N3: #5=Witch (#10, #5)
      • N1: none, N2: #2 (Sheriff) visited #14, N3: #5 (Witch) visited #10 & #5

Clue Variant

Clue Variant is a game setup style that is fundamentally different to other setups with Mafia. In this variant roles are not revealed upon a players death in much the same way as a sanitizing from a Janitor. This makes it obscenely difficult to determine whether or not players are telling the truth and adds a general aura of confusion to the game. The Coroner has a niche purpose in this variant to act as a unique style of Sheriff or Investigator who can determine if players claiming power roles are telling the truth.


  • Discovers all targets - (Default: On)
  • Discovers Last Will - (Default: On)
  • Discovers death type - (Default: On)


  • Along with Amnesiac, the Coroner is one of the only two roles in the game who can target dead people.
  • Coroners are considered always to be at home, for Mass Murderer purposes.
  • If you perform autopsy on a living player (only possible due to a Witch), you will be notified with a note saying "The player is still alive", therefore revealing there's a Witch in the game and you were certainly controlled by him (even if the victim doesn't know he's controlled). Notify the Town immediately.
  • Coroners are among the few roles that cannot die to an alert Veteran (if forced by a Witch).
  • The Coroner will only spawn from random if one or more of these conditions are true: [1]
    1. There is a Janitor in the game.
    2. The mode is the Clue variant.
    3. All options for the Coroner are enabled.
  • If the "Discover death type" option is on, this is what each death type will display:
Town Bodyguard, Bus Driver, Citizen, Coroner, Crier, Detective, Doctor, Escort, Investigator, Jailor, Lookout, Marshall, Mason, Mason Leader, Mayor, Sheriff, Spy, Stump, Veteran, Vigilante
Mafia Actress, Agent, Beguiler, Blackmailer, Consigliere, Consort, Disguiser, Framer, Godfather, Janitor, Kidnapper, Mafioso
Triad Administrator, Deceiver, Diva, Dragon Head, Enforcer, Forger, Incense Master, Informant, Interrogator, Liaison, Silencer, Vanguard
Neutral Amnesiac, Arsonist, Auditor, Cultist, Executioner, Jester, Judge, Mass Murderer, Poisoner, Scumbag, Serial Killer, Survivor, Witch, Witch Doctor