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This page lists all of the in-game Achievements that can be acquired in SC2Mafia. They are organized into broad categories by point value (under 100 points, 100-200 points, and over 200 points). In addition to these achievements, you will also receive a point bonus upon your first victory with each role ("Role Achievements").

Please note that for an Achievement to be awarded, the game must have 10 players to start with and 6 players in-game at the end for it to count. Lastly, to the extent any information on this page is inaccurate or requires further clarification, please leave a comment and it will be updated accordingly.

0-100 Point Achievements

Achievement Objective & Notes / Tips Points
Epic Fail Get the "Nobody Wins" ending.
  • To achieve this, everyone in the game must die or a Jester / Executioner must remain that has not fulfilled their roles' objectives.
The Joker As a Jester, live to see everyone in the game die except for you, and receive the "Nobody Wins" screen because you failed to be lynched and are the game's sole survivor. 50
Hoisted by His Own Molotov As an Arsonist, burn yourself.
  • This can be achieved by a Witch making you douse yourself or having another Arsonist in the game douse you, then you choose to ignite.
Yo Dawg As an Amnesiac, use your night ability to remember that you are an Amnesiac. 25
Mission Failed As a member of the Mafia / Triad, kill a fellow member of the Mafia / Triad. 30
Obviously Evil As a Disguiser / Informant, disguise yourself as a Mason or a Cultist. 40
Coward's Clutch As a Beguiler / Deceiver, hide at a player's house when that same player attacks you, thus resulting in the player killing himself.
  • For example, hide at a Vigilante's house. The Vigilante shoots you, which redirects his shot to himself, killing himself.
Flawless Victory As a member of the Mafia / Triad, win the game without any members of your faction dying. 50
Jailbreak As a Serial Killer, be imprisoned by a Jailor, convince the Jailor to let you go, and then kill the Jailor as a part of your killing roleblockers game option.
  • The Serial Killer's "Kills roleblockers" option must be enabled to receive this achievement.
All-Seeing Eye As a Coroner, receive so much information from your autopsy that it fills the entire chat box. 75
Licensed to Kill As a Bus Driver, run someone over.
  • For example, flip yourself with an Mafioso who also attacks you that night. The result will be that the Mafioso attacks and kill himself (game flavor: is run over by a bus).
State Religion As a member of the Cult, recruit the Mayor into the Cult. 50
Corleone As a Consigliere, survive to see the Godfather be killed and based on the game settings, be promoted to Godfather.
  • This achievement requires the Consigliere's game setting be enabled which promotes him to new Godfather upon the death of the Godfather.
Half Mafia Roles Win as half of the Mafia-aligned roles in the game. 75
Half Triad Roles Win as half of the Triad-aligned roles in the game. 75
Half Neutral Roles Win as half of the non-aligned roles in the game. 75
Last of Kin Win the game, being the last surviving member of your faction. 75
Medical Malpractice As a Coroner, perform an autopsy on a living person.
  • For example, if a Witch forces you to target a living person.
Incognito As a Mayor, survive to see the Town win the game without revealing yourself.
  • This does not apply if you were an unrevealed Mayor who was recruited to be a Cultist, even if you ultimately win the game.

100-200 Point Achievements

Achievement Objective & Notes / Tips Points
Back to Nature As an Amnesiac, remember that you were a Stump.
  • A number of different steps are required in order to ensure there is a Stump in the game who dies for the Amnesiac to remember he was like: An Auditor attempts to audit another player, a Bus Driver switches the Auditor with the Auditor's target (thus turning the Auditor into a Stump), the Stump subsequent dies, and then the Amnesiac remembers he was like the Stump.
A for Effort Fail to kill night-immune players four times in one game.
  • Have four attacks of yours fail due to night-immunity.
  • All four attacks can be on the same person, or they can be spread among many players.
Justice As an Auditor, audit yourself which will result in you turning into a Stump.
  • For example, a Bus Driver switches an Auditor and his target. The Auditor will audit himself into a Stump and receive the Justice achievement.
All Mafia Roles Win as every Mafia-aligned role in the game.
  • There are a total of 11 different Mafia roles to win as.
All Triad Roles Win as every Triad-aligned role in the game.
  • There are a total of 11 different Triad roles to win as.
All Neutral Roles Win as every non-aligned role in the game. 100
Half Roles Win as half of the roles in the game.
  • Win as 27 different roles.
Half Town Roles Win as half of the Town-aligned roles in the game. 100
Carmageddon As a Bus Driver cause at least 2 deaths in 1 night. 125
Hammer and Sickle Win the game with only a Citizen or Citizens alive as members of Town.
  • Most common with a tied game as a Citizen with the "Win tie-game situations against Mafia" option enabled.
Suicide Hotline Survive a game wherein more than half of the players commit suicide.
  • Suicides can be either by a player leaving the game or a player choosing to kill himself using the -suicide command.
Deader than Dead Be killed (NI hits don't count, count the # of red text messages) at least four times in a single night (and don't survive)
  • for example: as sheriff get hit by the mafia, a vig, a vet, and the SK in 1 night
Just Like 'Nam As a Veteran, kill a lot of people with your alerts.
  • At least 5 kills
All Town Roles Win as every Town-aligned role in the game.
  • There are a total of 20 different Town roles to win as.
Disco Inferno As an Arsonist, burn 5 people at the same time.
  • The douses from other Arsonists will count towards your goal.
  • 5 people do not have to die, they simply have to have their douses ignited.
Divine Guidance As a member of the Cult, win the game without any Cultists, Witch Doctors, or other members of the Cult dying. 150
Happily Ever After As a member of the Town, win the game without any members of the Town dying. 150
The Last Laugh As a Jester, win the game and receive "Jester Wins" ending screen.
  • The Jester must die on the last day of the game and cause a person to kill themselves along with no one else being alive.
  • Alternatively, if the Jester was lynched earlier in the game, and the remaining players end up dying later on the same night in what would ordinarily result in a "Nobody Wins", the achievement will unlock.
Judge of Dread As a Judge, win the game and receive the "Judge Wins" ending screen. 150
Marathon Spend a very long time in a single game.
  • When the game ends it must be at least day 15.
Burn the Evidence As the Arsonist, Burn a person who is already dead.
  • This Achievement requires a Coroner and the Arsonist must have the "Ignition kills victim's targets" option enabled.
  • The Arsonist douses the Coroner, and then ignite on the same night that the Coroner visits a dead target.
Forever Alone As a Witch, win the game and receive the "Witch Wins" ending screen. 175

200+ Point Achievements

Achievement Objective & Notes / Tips Points
Hung Jury Be voted up to trial and then be acquitted by a tied 7-7 vote.
  • Generally this can only be achieved on the first day of a full house game. As such, it requires the game to start on Day with the option to Trial.
Sole Survivor As a Survivor, win the game and receive the "Survivor Wins" ending. 200
The Inquisition As a Mason Leader, use all of your recruitings to smite Cultists.
  • Only one person may obtain this achievement per game.
You're Winner! Win twice in a single game. 200
Mr. Popular Be visited by lots of different people in one night.
  • At least 10 people
Identity Crisis Be four different roles in a single game.
  • For example, starting as a Mason, being promoted to Mason Leader, being audited to a Citizen, being converted to a Cultist.
Cosmopolitan During the game, change your role 4 different times. For example: 200
Zombie Suicide Get lynched after a Jester on the same day during Marshall trials. 250
Eternal Revenue Service As an Auditor, win the game and receive the "Auditor Wins" ending screen. 300
Grand Master Become a Mayor and a Mason Leader at the same time.
  • This requires starting as the mayor with loses votes on role change disabled. You will then need to be audited to citizen, recruited to the masons, and then promoted to ML.
  • You will also need to survive until the end of the game.
Ace Prosecutor As an Executioner, win the game and receive the "Executioner Wins" ending screen. 300
Handi-Capable As an Amnesiac, win the game and receive the "Amnesiac Wins" ending screen. 300
All Roles Win as every role in the game.
  • There are 54 roles to win as.
Gate of Steiner Visit 8 or more people in one night.
  • Involves the Mass Murderer. Everyone who visits your target counts as 'visiting' them and therefore this achievement is possible. If 7 or more people visit your target on the same night, you get the achievement.
  • Can also be done with two Bus Drivers. If the Bus Drivers swap themselves with each other, it will create an infinite loop of which; 1, none will be targeted, and 2, you are visiting infinite people on the same night, so you are able to get this achievement by targeting either of the two Bus Drivers.

Other Achievements

  • MVP: This achievement is only obtainable from SC2Mafia administrators in connection with specific events and contests that occur on or other meritorious play at the discretion of SC2Mafia staff.
    • Players with the MVP Achievement who cannot substantiate how they received it may also be hacking.

Donation Achievements

  • Generosity: Donor level donation.
  • Altruism: Patron level donation.
  • Philanthropy: Benefactor level donation.
  • Magnificence: Cardinal level donation.

Role Achievements

An achievement is unlocked when you win as a role for the first time. Please note that Role Achievements only count for the role that you started a game as.

For example, if you begin the game as an Amnesiac, remember that you were a Sheriff, are converted by Cult to a Cultist, and the Cult wins the game, you would receive the Amnesiac role achievement at the end of the game, not the Cultist achievement.

To figure out which role you haven't won with yet, use the -alist command.