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Affiliation Neutral
Summary You are a Scumbag.
Goal Survive and see the Town lose the game.
Has Night Ability? No
Abilities None
Categories None
Investigation Results
Sheriff Not Suspicious.
Investigator Any crimes they may have had before becoming a Scumbag.


The Scumbag is a normally inaccessible role that is the result of a Neutral role being converted by an Auditor. The Scumbags goal is to "survive and see the town lose the game".

Any Neutral role targeted by an Auditor, that isn't Night Immune, will be converted to a Scumbag. Effectively, this means that a Neutral Benign role such as Jester or Amnesiac, who has been converted to a Scumbag will have their goal change to see the Town lose the game.


  • Most of the time, being a Scumbag is really bad -- the consequence of being audited by an Auditor and not something to be desired. However, you can help yourself because the Auditor who audited you knows who you are and may decide to PM you in order to secure themselves an extra vote/ally. Because you are unaligned and you appear to have no crimes, the Scumbag is generally an Auditor shield who can make claims indirectly through the Auditor.
  • If the Auditor should know any other factions that the Auditor wins with, the Scumbag can be a useful ally during the day as the all-powerful extra vote that can cause ties.
  • Scumbags are also the most easy way an Auditor can get Eternal Revenue Service. With the extra vote they are able to break one-on-two ties with the Town even when there are no other evil factions remaining.
  • As the Scumbag is not a role that can start the game, it does not have its own solo win screen. Should the Scumbag be the sole survivor of a game, the solo Witch win screen will appear instead.


  • The Scumbag has no options.


Need Confirmation
Some of the information in this section still need confirmation.

  • A Scumbag can be recruited by a Cultist.
  • There is no achievement for winning as a Scumbag, unlike other roles.
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