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Affiliation Neutral
Summary A lunatic whose life's goal is to be publicly executed.
Goal Die by being lynched during the day.
Has Night Ability? Yes
Abilities Annoy another player at night, indicating to that player that he was visited by a Jester.
Categories Neutral Benign
Investigation Results
Sheriff Not Suspicious
Investigator No Crime.


The Jester is a Neutral role that is able to annoy other players at night; the Jester only wins if he is lynched during the day. The Jester is a mind games role, as a person acting like a Jester won't be lynched, but then some players will purposefully act as a Jester to avoid being lynched, so a Jester has to act like he's only pretending to be a Jester in order to be lynched - the circularity can be endless.


  • File:Jester Win.png
    This is the game image that appears when a Jester achieves a solo win.
    Because the Jester is solely a mind role, that makes it the most strategy-heavy role in the game. Getting yourself lynched without being suspected as a Jester can arguably be the hardest thing to do in the game.
  • The general strategy of the Jester is trying to seem as suspicious as possible whilst not seeming overly suspicious and being outed as a Jester.
  • A Jester's main arsenal comes from vocabulary manipulation, simply spamming reveals oneself as a Jester so in order to seem truly suspicious one must act like they are trying not to seem suspicious.
  • Feigning a Sheriff or Investigator is a very viable strategy, with the ability to bring distrust onto oneself as well as being to have a Doctor heal them at night to ensure that death comes from a lynch.
  • Another viable strategy is pretending to be an Amnesiac who tells the town they are about to change into one of the dead Town roles. Make sure you make yourself heard when doing this and ask the Doctor to heal you as you're about to become a good role for the Town. While the Doctor may not heal you, this makes it more likely you will not be attacked that night. If the "New role revealed to town" option is enabled, the Town should notice you have not done as you said and should proceed to lynch you. If this option is not enabled you can say that you used that role's ability the night that you supposedly changed into them. The town should know that it is impossible for an amnesiac to use a role's ability the night they change and you should be lynched. This strategy works well as jesters do not often feign an Amnesiac and the town could think you are a witch or another evil neutral role instead.
  • It is common to see people lynched if they claim Survivor so doing so as a Jester often works well. Be warned that this might make you the target of a Vigilante or Jailor if you fail to be lynched.
  • Faking being blackmailed during the day can help assure that Mafia will not target you at night, with the logic being that Mafia would obviously ignore killing someone who purposely fakes being blackmailed. This also risks your role being revealed to the Mafia, in which case loses three -- or more, or even less -- voters who could get you lynched. That said, faking being BM'd the whole game can lead to Town eventually lynching you off, assuming you're either an evil role, or Mafia, trying to elude giving out a fake claim for a role.
  • Using the "Annoy" ability on players likely to die or be attacked at night may allow the Jester to be "caught" by a Lookout or Detective, leading to a relatively easy lynch as a Town member will believe you killed someone.
  • However, using the "Annoy" ability when the Jester is not preplaced needlessly confirms to the town that there is a Jester in the game; it can be best not to use your ability in this case.
  • An advanced strategy is fake deathnoting. Typing something such as "=dn" will make other's think that you misspelled the "-dn" command wrong. Only Mafia/Killing Neutral roles can use a death note, so it may bring suspicion on you. However, smart players may know you're faking it.
  • If an Arsonist is possible, and the victims do not know they're doused, you can claim that an Arsonist doused you. Only Arsonists will know that they were doused and you may be lynched.
  • You can directly insult other players to agitate them, therefore making them more likely to lynch you because of your behavior.
  • Another way to get hated is to claim being the host who loves the setup when most people hate the setup.
  • Once you are on trial, an excellent way to convince the other players to vote guilty is providing several major spoilers for the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, this does of course require having read the books in advance.
  • Whatever role you claim to be, make sure it brings suspicion upon you, but not something totally outrageous. For example, claiming Doctor when there's a Serial Killer on the loose will surely bring suspicion on you. Another example is claiming Survivor when someone else claims Survivor. Do NOT claim to be an evil role off the bat because it may convince other's that you're a Jester and you probably won't be lynched.
  • An extremely easy way to win is when a Marshall reveals. The Marshall will ask all the players to Private Message their roles, and simply not saying anything will get you lynched without trial. This way, you don't have to even say something suspicious on trial to get you lynched.


  • Random guilty voter dies - (Default: On)


  • The Jester wins by being lynched but isn't rewarded any points until the game is over
  • The Jester earns more points by being lynched later on in the game
  • Trolling can be a viable strategy when playing as the Jester. It is also not punishable if the trolling ruins the game for other factions.
  • The Jester suicide affects ALL roles, including ones with night immunity. Therefore, if you are a Serial Killer, Arsonist, Mass Murderer, Godfather, or Dragon Head, you should be very careful not to vote guilty on a Jester, as you cannot depend on your night immunity to save you from suiciding. Conversely, players who cancel their vote right before the close of voting may be afraid of voting guilty on a Jester -- some players believe that this is an indication that a player is evil.
  • The Jester suicide can be healed by a Doctor. If a town needs to get rid of a Jester, or is not sure if someone is a Jester or not, what they can do is have only one person vote Guilty with no one else voting - a Doctor can then heal that person to make sure they survive the night. Alternatively, if someone tries to pardon them despite that they are suspected as Jester, it may be a Mafia trying to protect a fellow Mafia who is pretending to be Jester, so you will then have new leads to explore.
  • It is possible for The Jester to win an entire game by killing the last person by making them commit suicide over his death. An example would be that a Godfather murders the last Town but then dies via suicide over The Jesters death.
Town Bodyguard, Bus Driver, Citizen, Coroner, Crier, Detective, Doctor, Escort, Investigator, Jailor, Lookout, Marshall, Mason, Mason Leader, Mayor, Sheriff, Spy, Stump, Veteran, Vigilante
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