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Affiliation Neutral
Summary A pyromaniac who only wants to see the world burn.
Goal Be the last person left alive
Has Night Ability? Yes
Abilities Either douse a person in gasoline or kill all previously doused targets at night. May also undouse himself by taking no action.
Categories Neutral Evil, Neutral Killing
Investigation Results
Sheriff Arsonist (or Not Suspicious)
Investigator Murder, Arson, Destruction of property, Trespassing.


The Arsonist is one of most deadly roles in the game when left unchecked for an extended period of time. The role has the ability to douse a target in gasoline. A later night he can ignite all his doused targets, killing them.


  • File:Arsonist Win.png
    This is the game image that appears when an Arsonist achieves a solo win.
    As the Arsonist, you want to try and douse and kill those that aren't about to be killed. These are generally the players who are receiving the least amount of attention.
    • A Town leader, such as a confirmed Sheriff can be a good choice to douse since the Doctor may be protecting the Sheriff from death. Ignition is normally unaffected by healing.
  • The longer the Arsonist waits to attack, the more deadly the attack will become. It is often best to wait as long as possible before attacking, but every day you'll be gambling that your doused targets won't die at night and that the Town won't lynch you.


  • Ignition kills victim's targets - (Default: On)
  • Ignition always kills - (Default: On)
  • Invulnerable at night - (Default: On)
  • Victim knows he is doused - (Default: On)
  • Douses roleblockers - (Default: On)


  • If there are multiple Arsonists in the game when one Arsonist ignites it will burn the players doused by both Arsonists.
  • If the Arsonist performs no action at night it will undouse the Arsonist if he is doused.
  • The Witch cannot stop the Arsonist from igniting his targets. However, it can cause the Arsonist to ignite despite that it is dousing someone. This is caused by making the Arsonist target himself.
  • If the Arsonist gets doused, he will receive a message telling him so even if the "targets are informed they are doused" option is off.
    • However, if the Arsonist becomes a Cultist, he will never know if he ever gets doused after the conversion. Furthermore, he loses his ability to undouse himself.
  • Multiple Arsonists can win together.
  • If an Arsonist is attempting to undouse himself and he is bus driven the night he undouses himself, the person he is switched with will be undoused instead of the Arsonist.
  • As opposed to other roles that give the feedback of just the night's role results, the Arsonist will always know the specific person they doused, even if their target was changed.
  • If an Arsonist eliminates all but one other player, the Arsonist will still win (unless that player is a Serial Killer and settings allow Serial Killer to win over Arsonist in a tie game).
  • Below is an image of the Solo Arsonist win screen:
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