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Affiliation Neutral Evil
Summary A corrupt government tax agent who uses his knowledge and connections for evil.
Goal Survive and see the town lose the game.
Has Night Ability? Yes
Abilities Convert one person to Citizen each night. Mafia instead become a Mafioso; Triad instead becomes an Enforcer
Categories Neutral Evil
Investigation Results
Sheriff Not Suspicious
Investigator Corruption.


The Auditor is a Neutral Evil role, a corrupt government tax agent with the ability to target players at night for having committed "tax evasion". The Auditor's targets receive notification that they have been "audited", lose their possessions and are converted into a weaker role of the same / similar alignment, as follows:

  1. Town members into Citizens;
  2. Non-invulnerable Mafia / Triad roles into Mafiosos / Enforcers respectively; and
  3. Non-invulnerable Neutral Roles into Scumbags.

In contrast, the Auditor is not able to audit roles that have night immunity, such as the Godfather, Dragon Head, or neutral killers in most games. Not being able to audit a player may be a good indication that player is one of the above types of roles.

The Auditor's ability makes him a potentially very powerful role, given the ability to neutralize powerful Town roles. In doing so, the Auditor will also be able to know the alignment of the player that he Audited, which may be useful information in terms of directing / participating in lynches.

The Auditor can also identify members of the Mafia / Triad through his audits, who may be potentially valuable in terms of forming a voting block against the Town and ensuring that the Auditor is not night killed.


  • File:Auditor Win.png
    This is the game image that appears when an Auditor achieves a solo win.
    As an Auditor, you should attempt to convert the player(s) who are the bigger danger to your continued survival.
    • Those players will usually be the strongest Town players -- for example, a confirmed Sheriff who has already lynched a Mafia / Triad member. The quicker that the Town eliminates the Mafia / Triad threat, the quicker they will come after you. Because you have no night kill, you will be pretty much defenseless and dependent on mislynches if the Mafia / Triad and Neutral Killing role die before you do.
    • Alternatively, other good targets would Town players who can detect you, such as an Investigator, who has already role claimed to the Town. If the Investigator investigates you and sees the crime of corruption, you will probably be outed as an Auditor and likely be lynched quickly thereafter.
  • Some players believe that converting others may not aid the Auditor's chances of survival. Therefore, they advocate that it may be a good idea to lay low and not convert anyone.
    • This approach is somewhat disfavored in the current meta, however, given the number of Town to begin a game -- i.e. an Auditor is far more likely to target a Town member successfully.
    • Moreover, converting any Town member to a Citizen is almost always a liability for the Town given the loss of the Town member's previous abilities.
    • That said, players will often announce to the Town that they have been audited so as soon as you are successful auditing your first target, the Town will likely know that there is an Auditor in the game that they need to attempt to find and lynch.
  • If you accidentally convert a member of the Mafia or Triad to a Mafioso / Enforcer, they may not be very happy with you for removing the abilities of one of their members.
    • In the current meta, this sometimes leads to situations where the Mafia or Triad may attempt to retaliate against you for the errant audit, especially if you reveal yourself to the Mafia / Triad member in a PM.
      • Therefore, you should use your judgment in terms of whether to reveal to the Mafia or Triad, depending on how sensible they seem. Because you share the same goal of seeing the Town lose, hopefully, they will be reasonable and view you as an additional vote that can help eliminate the Town.
      • Alternatively, the Mafia / Triad could attempt to out you in order to establish credibility with the Town. In this case, because you are not aligned with them and may be lynched regardless, you can attempt to retaliate by outing the Mafia / Triad as well. This can be used as leverage to ensure that the Mafia / Triad do not advocate a lynch on you or kill you at night (you can leave the name of the audited Mafia / Triad member in your Last Will if they have threatened to kill you).
  • In the current meta, Auditors are often included as a set role in games with Mason and Cultist. This is because of their ability to convert players into Citizens, which are the Masons' recruiting targets.
    • In such games, you may wish to be careful of auditing players because they will become recruiting targets of the Masons. To the extent the Masons become too powerful, this can contribute to an easy Town win and loss for you as the Auditor.
    • In contrast, you will want to try to work with the Cult, if possible, in terms of auditing the Mason Leader, if he has role claimed. This will increase the chances that the Cult, whom you win with, overruns the Town.
  • In a Cult-designed setup (with a set role Mason Leader, Cultist, and Auditor), it can be advantageous for the Auditor to wait until the Mason Leader has been identified (either by the Town or otherwise) and then audit him first. This will be a tremendous advantage to the Cult in terms of weakening the Masons and preventing the Mason Leader from recruiting (provided your audits were the only source of Citizens in the game).
    • Of course, the trade-off with this strategy is that by waiting around for the Mason Leader to be identified, you will be foregoing the opportunity to audit other Town players, which may give them more time to conduct night investigations and be able to find both the Cult and you (the Auditor).


  • Converts Mafia to Mafioso - (Default: On)
  • Converts Triad to Enforcer - (Default: On)
  • Immunity prevents conversion - (Default: On)
  • Limited to 2 conversions - (Default: Off)
  • Limited to 3 conversions - (Default: On)

If both the Limited to # conversions options are unchecked, the Auditor will have 4 successful conversion charge(s). In the current meta, most hosts choose not to alter these options for the Auditor, except perhaps the number of conversions permitted.


  • An Auditor cannot convert a member of the Cult.
  • An Auditor cannot convert someone being protected by a Bodyguard.
    • In terms of Town strategy, Bodyguards will often guard Mayors, Marshalls, Sheriffs, and other powerful Town roles for this very reason (also, to prevent those roles from being killed generally).
  • If an Auditor audits himself, such as through a Witch or any other role that redirects night actions (such as a Bus Driver), then he will become a Stump. There is an in-game achievement, "Justice", associated with auditing oneself into a Stump.
  • If an Auditor audits a neutral role, they will become a Scumbag.
    • Of particular note, Neutral Benign roles (who do NOT need to see the Town lose as part of their win conditions) will be converted to Scumbags as well (who DO need to see the Town lose as part of the win condition). This can affect the balance of a game, in terms of adding an additional anti-Town vote.
    • This may also result in the affected Neutral Benign player suddenly and drastically changing his playstyle as a result of being changed from, for example, a Jester or Executioner to a Scumbag. In an game with an Auditor, this may be a good indication that a player has been audited into a Scumbag.
  • If an Auditor audits a person that is dies in this night, a Cultist, or someone protected by a Bodyguard, the message "(name) was too much for you to handle! You could not audit him/her!" This thus does not count as successful audit and will not take out any audit charges.
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