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Forum Mafia is an alternative "long-form" way to play Mafia aside from the normal SC2Mafia game. As might be evident from the name, it is played through posts to an online forum, in this case,, as opposed to as an Arcade game in Starcraft II.

Both Forum Mafia and SC2Mafia have hosts who set up the game's configuration (roles, rules, and the like). However, in Forum Mafia, the host runs the game himself and does not ordinarily participate as a player. This is in contrast to SC2Mafia where the host sets up the game but the SC2Mafia map runs / administers the game so that the host can play as well. The advantage of a player host (vs. CPU host) is very clear -- there is virtually no limitation to the roles, rules, and game types that can be played with a player host. That is, the variety of Forum Mafia games that have been played and which have been proposed is almost limitless and not restricted to what has been programmed into the SC2Mafia map.

Many players enjoy Forum Mafia because each game is far longer in duration than a typical SC2Mafia game would be. This allows players to get deeper into strategy, focus on the impact / meaning of each comment from another player, and take more time to develop a consensus around which players to pressure or lynch during the day. Of course, the natural disadvantage to this is that Forum Mafia games require a lot more of a player's time and attention given how many posts can be made in a short amount of time.


Forum Mafia Game Types Guides and Help
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Community Changelog
Mafia has a constantly growing and dedicated community. Visit us at our forums and join the chat channel -Mafia- on Battle.Net. Mafia is constantly updated with fresh content and necessary bug patches. A detailed Changelog can be found here.