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March 22, 2014

  • Revamped investigator.
    • Various roles and actions accumulate different crimes
    • Investigators now learn what these crimes are
    • This replaces the previous investigator system
    • Framers have been adjusted
      • Framing adds a random crime to someone, which stays there forever
      • Be careful, this can cause impossible crime combinations giving away that you framed them.


February 25, 2014

  • Maintenance
    • Setup of the Day database reconfigured to popular opinion
    • AFK hosts will be automatically repicked


February 9, 2014


February 5, 2014

  • Maintenance and minor changes
    • New achievements added
    • Bugs fixed and several commands fixed
      • Player numbers at the start of the game now function
    • Setup of the day split into three categories
      • Basic: Standard setups, usually 9-3-3, or certain alternative popular setups
      • Intermediate: Large variety of standard and unusual setups, including the most popular basic/advanced setups
      • Advanced: Mostly unusual setups with difficult game mechanics
    • Town degrades when game goes on for long enough
    • Trials are now stopped if the person who is on trial leaves the game


January 19, 2014

  • Goodies!
    • New models and hats!
    • Bugs fixed and polish applied
    • Lots of additional options to the random slots
    • Added bonus points for staying longer after you die


January 13, 2014

  • New executions and some gameplay tweaks
    • Auditor added!
      • Neutral evil
      • Converts people to Citizens
    • Three new executions!
      • Microwave oven
      • Molotov mob
      • Mothership Blast
    • Role bar improved
    • Added "-emulate" command to save slot
    • Investigator pairings updated
    • Improved win condition list for role cards
      • Will only include factions that have a chance to appear in the game
    • AFK players are now treated like they left the game
      • Removed "heart is fluttering" message
      • After four minutes of non activity, warnings appear to the AFK player
      • After six minutes of non activity, the AFK player has a "heart attack" and can no longer return to the game
      • Once a player has a "heart attack", they are guaranteed to die and will update vote counters as if they left


January 10, 2014

  • Long awaited major update.
    • Setup screen updated!
      • Neutral Random added
      • Role randomisation weights may be changed
      • Roles on the list can be re-arranged
    • Setup of the Day revamped
      • Grabs a random approved setup from the database each time
      • Over 20 setups to find, with many being swapped out periodically
    • Arsonist updated!
      • Option to douse role blockers added
      • Option to kill targets' target added
    • AFK players now have heart attacks and die!
      • 5 Minutes of no activity causes heart complications
    • Blacklist is now saved between matches
    • Chat magnification is now saved between matches
    • Tutorial messages added
    • Newbie mode added
      • New players will get extra messages and be more likely to receive easier-to-use roles
    • Many bug fixes and minor features
    • Even more!


September 14, 2013

  • Second Mafia team added! 11 Triad roles added to the game
  • Clue now uses save sot
  • Added Setup of the Day
  • Updated Ranked setups
  • Added filter options to the Text Log
  • Added "-default" command
    • Acts like "-repick" but instead of choosing a new host, it forces Setup of the Day
  • Added detect immunity option to the Serial Killer, Arsonist, and Mass Murderer
  • A number of smaller updates and features added
  • Many bugs and problems fixed


April 23, 2013

  • Maintainance and balance fixes.
    • Marshall tweaked and given different setup options
      • Lynch limit on group execution


April 23, 2013


April 8, 2013


April 4, 2013


March 16, 2013

  • A number of immediate editions.
    • A large number of small fixes and compatibility changes.
    • Stump role added.


September 8, 2012

  • Several minor changes and fixes that I can't remember much about


August 31, 2012

  • A number of routine changes and updates.
    • Blacklist now accepts up to 6 roles


August 21, 2012

  • A large overhaul to the game setup process
  • Mafia is split into three lobbies
  • Ranked mode is added to provide a more serious Mafia experience
  • Hosts must choose between one of three preset balanced setups
  • Setups will change every couple weeks
  • New Ranked stats (wins, losses, and forfeits) are kept
  • Players can earn a ranked score based on their win rate.
  • Ranked setups earn double the points that unranked setups give.
  • Save Slot is a single-player mode that allows players to create a saved setup for when they become the host.
  • Custom is like how Mafia behaved before this update; the host picks a setup or lads a save.


August 15, 2012

  • Additional Fixes and stuff.


August 13, 2012

  • Even more bugs fixed and such.
  • Current day coutner added to the top of the screen.


August 10, 2012

  • More maintainence, plus a number of additional features and changes, and a new role.


August 8, 2012

  • Even more bugfixes, plus a complete overhaul of the Random syste.
  • 9 of the 12 Randoms have been replaced and an additional 2 have been added
  • 2 of the remaining 3 Randoms have been modified
  • The Random System uses a more intuitive naming and catergorization scheme
  • Advanced/Basic/Power/Support categories have been removed in favor of the new Random System
  • Graveyard now shows player numbers


August 5, 2012

  • Aditional bugfixes plus a major night polish update.
  • Night camera sequence now depends on the player's role
  • Additional terrain details added for the benefit of the night cameras


  • More fixes and minor changes.
  • Overhauled the Last Will system
  • Type "-last will" to open up a box to freely edit or rewrite your last will
  • Type "-last will #" to display any dead player's last will
  • Last wills now have two lines of text

Before SC2 1.5


  • -dn command added as an alternative to -death note
  • Donor benefits removed
  • Exclusive hats are now unlockable with points
  • 5,000 points: Pick execution, no name restrictions
  • 10,000 points: Execution always uses the EX-version, double kickvote/repick power, Blacklist enabled
  • 20,000 points: Triple kickvote/repick power, Role Prefer enabled
  • More weather added
  • Achievements reset and refactored
  • New Achievements added
  • Tutorial removed


  • "-hide donation" command added
  • Donor functionality expanded
  • -blacklist command added for Patrons
  • -prefer command added for Benefactors
  • Veteran now has the option to ignore invulnerabilities at night
  • More issues fixed
  • -blacklist command increased from 3 to 5 roles


  • Classic variant removed
  • F11 variant renamed to Classic
  • Mafia variant renamed to Random
  • Minor issues fixed


  • -lw command now display the last will if given no message, instead of deleting the will
  • -colors command added to display the color names for every living player


  • Several important bugfixes
  • -skip command added to end the day early with no lynch
  • "Trial" type removed, "Majority+Trial" renamed to "Trial"


  • Some more fixes
  • Executioner has the option to be invulnerable at night
  • The host may now use a number rather than a color to direct a hosting transfer


  • Many issues fixed
  • -numbers command added to display every player's number
  • Moderator abilities added
  • Jester can now annoy people at night
  • People who quit very early (after setup) are now punished more severely


  • Bus Driver swap notification option removed
  • Some issues fixed


  • Some bugs fixed
  • Map development suspended due to Blizzard's arbitrary script size limit


  • Bugs fixed
  • Mayor now has the option to lose extra votes after being converted to the Cult
  • Cult can no longer have more than 1/3 of the original game size (minus the Mafia) in the Cult
  • Replaced the Cultist option to not recruit killing roles with an option to not recruit night-immune roles
  • Cult can no longer recruit Mafia roles
  • Cult regains 1 conversion for every 2 Cultists that die


  • More bugs fixed
  • Bus Driver now has the option to not notify targets that they have been driven
  • General maintenance
  • Mason Leader now has the option to be picked in a random slot
  • Cultist added
  • Sheriff now has the option to detect Cultists
  • Doctor now has the option to prevent Cultist conversions
  • Role card UI improved
  • Doctor now has the option to know if his target was targeted by the Cult
  • Allies/Team list now behaves properly with Disguisers and Cultists (people won't disappear or suddenly change name anymore)


  • Added game options details in the Help menu and in the Roles List tooltip
  • Fixed several issues
  • Minor gameplay and polish changes
  • Lookout and Detective now have options to ignore detection immunity
  • Bus Driver now has the option to target himself
  • Escorts and Consorts now know if their role-block fails
  • People jailed by the Jailor no longer lose their detection immunity or role-block immunity
  • People who are in jail now gain night immunity
  • Added the -death note command for non-town killing roles, which leaves a public note on anyone you kill


  • Added the '-append' command, which adds text to your last will instead of rewriting it
  • Added the '-filter' command, which replaces bad words from chat with good versions of those words (default off)
  • Player names can no longer include bad words (unless you're a donor)
  • Disguiser now has the option to become a Mafioso if there are no other mafia killing roles (only if the Disguiser has already disguised as someone)
  • Tie game situations can no longer be abused (the last day before the game automatically ends is forced into Anonymous Ballot mode (no trial, no vote indicators) to force a lynch)
  • Arsonists now win tied games over Serial Killers
  • Fixed some bugs


  • Anti-AFK system removed
  • Added the -suicide command, which can be used after day 3
  • Some bugs fixed


  • Amnesiac added
  • Tons of code optimizations
  • Massive amounts of bugs introduced and fixed
  • Coroner has an option to deduce the exact way their target died, even in "Classic" night type


  • -Mafia- now supports 15 players
  • The host can now swap to a particular player by typing '-repick COLOR'
  • Added an alternate command for writing last wills: '-lw MESSAGE'
  • Added a '-mute NAME/COLOR/NUMBER' command to block input from a particular player
  • Added the '-magnify large' command
  • Serial Killers now kill Jailors who try to jail them (if the "Kills roleblockers" option is on)


  • There is now an option for the Blackmailer to disallow his victim from talking during his trial
  • '-magnify' command added to resize the chat box
  • The -PM commands may now use player number as input
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Removed the leaderboard


  • Bugs are fixed
  • The name box is now shown during the day discussion before voting
  • The tutorials tab now shows the investigator report messages a given role would receive


  • Veteran remade at the cost of DR's soul; instead of options for # of kills, options for how many nights the Veteran can choose to go on alert in


  • Veteran added
  • Executioner now has an option to be required to survive in order to win (extra points awarded with this option on)
  • Various balance tweaks and bugfixes
  • Witch can now control roles that have no actions
  • Coroner, Lookout, and Janitor no longer die when targeting the Veteran


  • Coroner now has the option to get a list of every action his target took (replaced 'Last Target' option)
  • Coroner has a small chance of appearing without a Disguiser or Janitor present (if the above ability is on)
  • Minor bugfixes
  • Doctor now has the option to know if his target was attacked
  • Roles that are immune to detection now show up as having not visited anyone at night to Detectives and Lookouts


  • Plato's blog on the loading screen
  • Minor fixes
  • Bodyguard no longer protects people from a Jailor
  • Role randomization algorithm reverted to the old method


  • Point deductions are added for people who leave after the roles are shown (-10 in the first two minutes, -5 in the next two minutes, -3 in the next four minutes, etc.); no deduction if you are dead
  • Added extra buttons to the log for scrolling up/down by 1 space at a time
  • Various minor changes and fixes


  • Maintenance
  • Framer now frames as a random living Mafia role instead of just Mafioso
  • Leaving the game at night no longer creates a message
  • Mason Leader can no longer appear as a random role (not including Mafia Variant)
  • Several bugs fixed
  • Donors and people with over 4000 points can now choose their own execution style
  • New option to tell Arsonist doused targets that they are doused (replaces the 50% Investigator option)
  • Coroner now has the option to discover their target's last will
  • Janitors and Disguisers are now told what their targets' last wills are
  • Detective and Lookout added
  • Investigator reports changed slightly
  • Citizens now have the option to win in tie-game situations against the Mafia
  • Lots of music
  • '-alist' command lists the roles you have not won as
  • Role randomizer improved to make it less likely for you to play as roles you have already won as
  • Arsonist knows who he has doused on any given night
  • Player colors can be used for private messages in place of names


  • Arsonist dousing masking investigations is now an option
  • Various fixes
  • Investigator descriptions updated
  • Role assignments now avoid players who have won as a particular role enough times


  • More UI art by CptKirk
  • Role-specific winning achievements added
  • More minor bugfixes



1.55 - 1.67

1.47 - 1.54

  • Some more bugfixes
  • Bodyguard can now ignore invulnerability
  • Consigliere now has the option to become Mafioso if alone
  • Bodyguard cannot be healed if he dies from a protection
  • The "Become Mafioso when alone" option now works for any amount of non-killing roles

1.45 - 1.46

  • Issues resolved

1.43 - 1.44

  • Investigators no longer receive information if they die that night
  • Minor change here and there
  • Arsonist now has the option to ignore doctor healing
  • Random roles overhaul
  • Bodyguard and Blackmailer added
  • Some bugfixings here and there


1.35 - 1.41

  • Coroner and Bus Driver roles added
  • Various minor tweaks and fixes
  • Clue variant added
  • Janitor now has an optional cleaning limit
  • Host option to randomize names added
  • Paradoxical resonance algorithm implemented for night actions

1.31 - 1.34

  • A bunch of new game options
  • Day voting refinements
  • Save Slot fixed once and for all

1.26 - 1.30

  • Points system refinements
  • Spy now sees the Mafia's kill target
  • Executions are upgraded
  • Jester can take someone with him when he's lynched
  • Save slot can be freely edited in 1-player mode
  • Option added for Witch victims to be uninformed of being manipulated
  • Roles list moved next to the graveyard
  • Random will no longer generate single Masons

1.22 - 1.25

  • Fixed the extremely small amount of points you were getting when you won


  • 1.21GW!!! celebration
  • Points algorithm adjusted; lost points returned to people who asked
  • Better options/roles display in the Help menu
  • More UI art (thanks Dgrayed!)
  • More points rewards (hats!)
  • Various bugfixes and balance adjustments
  • Global ranking system revised

1.10 - 1.20

  • Banks suck.


  • Anti-spam system introduced

1.6 - 1.8

  • Nobody knows the trouble I've seen. Nobody knows...


  • Stats are NOT reset, but will probably be a little weird for people who played during a certain timeframe
  • Maintenance update

1.3 - 1.4

  • Just kidding about the stats being fixed. Now, they're REALLY fixed. And reset.

1.1 - 1.2

  • Stats fixed. Again.


  • Shortest Map Ban Ever celebration
  • Random roles have more options
  • Spy, Janitor, Framer, Arsonist, Jester, and Witch added
  • Banks reset; new encryption added
  • Wide array of minor tweaks
  • Whisper notifications are now less intrusive
  • The original host of the game in the lobby (player 1) is now always the starting host
  • DR's Choice updated
  • Variant Save feature implemented
  • More custom music added (thanks, KingAdamXVII!)

0.93 - 0.94 Beta

  • Role names changed

0.92 Beta

  • Number of DR's birthday celebration
  • PM only allowed during the day
  • PM actions (but not messages) are revealed to everyone
  • Chat added to the event log
  • List of players shown at night
  • Trial length is fixed; discussion length can be edited
  • Repicks only allowed after 20 seconds or when the host tries to start the game
  • No Lynch on Day 1 option re-added in the Start On menu
  • Various tweaks
  • Bank signatures removed (encryption to be added later -- and a global stat reset)

0.89 - 0.91 Beta

  • Fixes
  • PM only allowed at night

0.87 - 0.88 Beta

  • Port and polish

0.78 - 0.86 Beta

0.77 Beta

  • More fixes
  • Survivor can use the bulletproof vest
  • Added unlockable model selections
  • Event log added

0.76 Beta

  • Bugfixes!

0.75 Beta

  • You get a random name if you don't pick one yourself
  • Numerous small tweaks
  • Ballot+Trial day type added
  • '-r' command added
  • Points system implemented
  • Even more bugfixes

0.73 - 0.74 Beta

  • Emergency fix

0.72 Beta

  • Anti-stalemate system (if nothing happens for 5 phases and the player count is even, the game will end)
  • Mason fix
  • Repick algorithm improved
  • Repick cannot be used by players who have never finished a game
  • Last Wills are now optional
  • Serial Killer can now kill their roleblockers
  • Various minor changes

0.70 - 0.71 Beta

  • Last-minute tweaks and fixes

0.69 Beta

0.68 Beta

  • Minor fixes

0.67 Beta

  • Additional fixes
  • Some UI art added (thanks, Irrational)
  • Statistics display updated

0.66 Beta

  • More fixes
  • Host can type '-repick' to pass to someone else

0.65 Beta

  • Minor interface improvements
  • Banks finally fixed
  • Graveyard list added

0.64 Beta


0.63 Beta

  • Game timing shortened
  • Option for kill sounds added

0.62 Beta

  • Stats tracking added (current stats reset)
  • Host repick added
  • Minor bugs fixed

0.55 - 0.61 Beta

  • Emergency fixes

0.54 Beta

  • Multiple bugfixes (common trend, it seems...)
  • Night camera flyby system added
  • A few other bits of polish

0.52 - 0.53 Beta

  • Additional bugfixes

0.51 Beta

  • Final attempt to hide the lag screen chat
  • Minor fixes; anti-newbhost system fix

0.50 Beta

  • Attempt to fix the lag screen

0.49 Beta

  • Major maintinence update for various bugs and gameplay issues
  • Classic variant reworked
  • DarkRevenant's Choice variant added
  • Night sounds shortened
  • Anti newb-host system added
  • Optional power given to the Citizen role
  • Remaining roles counter added to the options screen

0.40 - 0.48 Beta

  • Even more bugfixes

0.39 Beta

  • Vigilante added
  • Default night/trial/discussion lengths reduced significantly
  • Tutorial coloring improved
  • Sniper execution improved
  • Jupo Tree added
  • Minor issues resolved

0.37 - 0.38 Beta

  • Various essential fixes made

0.36 Beta

  • Minimap and loading screen images added
  • Misc. fixes and changes in multiple areas

0.35 Beta

  • Fixes relating to the options screen