False Claiming

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False Claiming is a term used to describe a tactic frequently employed by the Mafia, Neutral Roles, and even (less often) Town members. The basic idea is for a player to claim a role that they are not.

Applicable Situations

False Claiming is one of the most basic strategies for Mafia and Evil players and should be used almost every time they find themselves under scrutiny. Various examples include:

  • The default settings have immune to detection enabled for the Godfather and Framer. This allows them to False Claim the role of Citizen if targeted by an Investigator or Sheriff at night. Although False Claiming in this situation is usually best to avoid early in the game, it will frequently keep attention off the Godfather or Framer until late game when their claimed role becomes impossible due to known dead roles.


  • False Claiming is fundamental to deception and confusion, the basis of Mafia.
  • False Claiming, when done well, can salvage certain defeat.


  • False Claiming can easily be caught under certain conditions (which is advantageous if playing Jester or attempting to appear as Jester: see WIFOM).