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When mentioning hospitality jobs the majority of folks will immediately create a career within the food industry, either like a waiter/waitress or behind the scenes with the food prep like a porter, assistant and in the end a head chef. Of course you can recieve treatment within hotels, on reception, as a concierge, within the day to day running of the hotel operation in terms of cleaning, kitchens, booking and reservation arrangements and overall planning associated with an operation. This can expand to working around the world as airline hosts or taking care of luxury cruise ships. This more exotic end of the spectrum is where many individuals desire to be.

1. Physical Fitness: The job of the air hostess requires tremendous efforts from you. Therefore, you have to be in good physical shape and capable enough to endure standing on feet for very long hours.
2. Good Communicational Skills: As an air hostess, you need to frequently interact with the passengers up to speed. And therefore, this is a quintessential skill that you'll want to develop just in case you need to be an integral part of this profession.
3. Exceptional Customer Service: Before you are ready to go, you'll want to check whether you are capable enough to identify individual needs and deliver the best to your clients. A cabin crew is predicted to supply ace quality services and go the extra mile to achieve customer satisfaction.
4. Confidence: If you wish to make a mark on your own inside the aviation industry, confidence is must! For being an effective air hostess, you should keep the confidence level up, constantly.
5. Empathetic Attitude: As an air hostess you have to understand the feelings of others. It is important being responsive to the requirements your passengers and colleagues.
6. Competence in handling difficult situations: As an air hostess, you'll face many hurdles and brainstorming situations in your day by day life. You should know the way to tackle these situations well.
7. Ability to stay calm under emergencies: In case of your emergency landing, you will end up supposed to make use of brains and help others without panicking about the whole situation.
8. Friendly and Positive Attitude: The extended stays along with the hectic work load will often require a toll in your mood. But you should make sure that you just stay friendly and positive even though an exhausting workday.
9. Reliability and Self-Reliance: An air hostess is predicted to complete her duties independently, with little or no supervision. Therefore, it is crucial that you are reliable and capable enough in order to meet your duties towards the best of what you can do, all the time.
10. Adaptability and Flexibility: As part of your respective job, you will be required to frequent places, occasionally at odd hours. Therefore you are anticipated to be adaptable and flexible to changes in the workplace and timings of the shift.
11. An eye for detail: Paying heed to the minutest of details is one of the important qualities that a cabin crew member must possess.
12. Leadership and capacity to be employed in a team: As a crew member, you need to know the way to work effectively and efficiently in a team. Whenever required, you must know how you can lead the c's.
13. Numeracy Skills: As an air hostess, you might be anticipated to handle cash throughout a flight. For this, you should be competent enough to make use of basic mathematics and still have an awareness of currency rates and conversions.

Over the next decade, the technology of aviation airplanes grew even larger inside a fast pace. During this time, engineers replaced old engines with better ones. Pilots strived to arrive at greater heights, beating the most effective records in aviation while they achieved faster speeds, higher altitudes, and longer flights. For them, sky is actually the limit.

A number of companies of international repute are planning to open aviation service centres and warehouses inside major cities in India, for example Mumbai and Delhi. For instance, GE Aviation and Air India are joining to create a maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facility in India's commercial capital, Mumbai. Hawker Beechcraft can be generating a service centre in Mumbai.